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This project was launched in July 2001 and is primarily intended to communicate the problems and impact of the U.S. military to the international community, and especially the U.S. taxpayers, those whose money is being used in ways they may not agree with. The materials on this website are free to be used as a means to inform communities as well as empower readers for action. The website has gone through a major overhaul and is being rebuilt, due to be completed October 31, 2003 (note: okay, so all the planned revisions have not been completed yet; this deadline is being pushed back to November 30, 2003. Thank you for bearing with the delay). There are a lot of updates to add even after that date, so please keep checking back.

These pages are also designed to announce anti-militarism actions throughout the world, as the information is passed along to us. If you would like to join in our efforts to eradicate military ghettos and draw attention to the destructive nature of the U.S. military and the U.S. Foreign Policies that affect millions worldwide, then please contact us. We hope to reach out to others around the world who are suffering the same consequences of occupation (and other forms of militarism, or impacts thereof) as Okinawa is.

This is an important point, as it is important to remember that militarism is supported by a network of military structures which are highly organized. We believe that in order to move effectively against the destructive actions of this existing military infrastructure, we as demilitarization advocates must be highly organized as well.

We welcome inquiries from all interested parties.

What are the issues?

* note: following the terrorist attacks of September 2001, Okinawans were notified that Kadena Air Base would not be opened to them, for "security reasons" as well as the "training schedule" of fighter jets; this was reversed the next year, in 2002.

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added download page. One document is currently available for download and free circulation: U.S. MILITARISM AND HUMAN RIGHTS: Why U.S. National Security is
a threat to Women’s rights in Okinawa
(tri-fold pamphlet)

- coming soon -
(more about) US-Japan SoFA
war of terrorism and okinawa
(more) women's writings
conflict of exploitation: military or tourism?
dugong (and other impacts of military presence on okinawan wildlife)
japan's role in the multi-faceted occupation of okinawa

updated on November 12, 2003
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